The Pencil

The present has the moment, though written by the past,
The future has the pencil and is running forward, fast!
Sometimes there is learning, sometimes there is fun, sometimes there is sorrow, how it all rolls into one.
Our story, how we got here, how we’re living,
will go on,
So take the pencil, future, & draw how you have won!
The pavements could be narrow, the thoughts be halcyon, the roads still long & travelled..but far too soon, are gone!

21st January 2019



Crisp, gentle snowflake, gracefully down, you float.
Meandering on chilly breeze
In ornate, frozen coat.
Your lightening-white, bright plumage,
Plumping up the ground,
Can you help make the softest pillow ever to be found?
It pains that such a stunning form can disappear from view,
A downy feather falling, swirling, whispering, “Adieu!”
This tiny winter wonderland and all the joy it brings,
A fleeting moment caught in time, replaced by angel wings.

18th January 2019


The Trade Off

Dress me in exquisite lace,
Let finest threads adorn my face.
Drape the sumptuous velveteen; chic, vibrant colours, mine to glean.
Around my neck place pearls & gold, the most expensive to be sold.
Why trade this for the life I own, for walking through this place alone?
The only riches I could need, are here, my soul has woken, freed!

17th January 2019