Nature’s Valentine

A poem of love,
forged by heart, through my hand.
Please pause, and listen, then you’ll all understand.
No words for a lover, no flowers for a friend,
Hear the sounds of my heartbeat
In these words that I’ve penned:

Sweet notes of nature,
earthly whispers of land,
The things you can’t hear, the things that you can.
I walk hedge-lined lanes, all is peaceful & calm,
But listening closer, hear creation’s full charm.
The flapping of feathers, the calls to their mates,
Birdsongs of pure beauty,
their answer awaits,
The burbling, fast river,
cross country it flows,
The rustle from tree tops,
as gentle wind blows,
Spent twigs & leaves crackle, mud splats under feet,
Echoes afar from the odd gentle bleat.
Rejoice in the wondrous, of soft country drones,
Just send me the cows so I won’t be alone!

14th February 2019

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