Nature Knows

Nature knows how to weave a song,
It matters not if it’s short or long,
Seeing as nature can sing along,
Everything’s right, and nothing is wrong.

Nature knows when true life begins,
When petals are pure, there’s no floral sins.
Nature knows when it’s had enough,
When its time is over, & things get tough.

Nature knows when to unfurl each leaf,
When rising sap pushes from beneath.
Nature knows when the flowers should bloom,
When buds are tight & there’s no more room.

Nature knows, it’s a big relief,
To reach for the light in disbelief.
Nature knows when a new day should dawn,
It stretches its wings, & lets out a yawn.

17th February 2019

It’s always exciting to watch the first signs of new growth, pushing up through the earth, knowing that Spring isn’t too far away. When I’m on my walks, I find it fascinating to see the slight changes, even daily, as they reach for the light, and open up to their full beauty. They always know it’s the right time..well usually, anyway..nature knows.

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