Hidden Shafts Of Light

Hidden Shafts Of Light

Concealed in every forest,
Find hidden shafts of light,
They’re only seen on sunny days,
Or when the moon shines bright.

Every nook & cranny
Gets to glimmer in the end,
When hopeful beacons gain the chance
To be the light shaft’s friend.

Watch eager sunbeams gathering,
See them dance and sway,
Dazzling tails of radiance,
Flickering, at play.

Each element of foliage,
Or creature great & small,
Gaze wonder-struck & skywards,
In illuminated awe.

Morning finds the swirling mist,
In lustrous iridescence,
Glowing in diffusion,
Ethereally intense.

Warmer hues disperse the cloak,
Awakening the aura,
By noon, all creatures bask in warmth,
Rays soaked up by the flora.

Dusk arrives, as woodland dims,
It finally rests from frenzy,
As moonbeams flow into the dark,
Excited, full of envy!

24th February 2019

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There’s something intriguing about a forest, from the floor, to the tree canopies..so many imaginings ! The sights, smells, sounds, and the light. The way the sun filters through the branches & foliage, in whatever gaps there are, is magical. I’m guessing it’s the same under moonlight, but I’m not brave enough to go & see!

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2 thoughts on “Hidden Shafts Of Light”

  1. Peter's pondering says:

    I think on the next full moon you are going to have to take a friend, and a torch, to find out!

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Haha! I will if I can find a friend who is a paramedic, carrying smelling salts etc or can run very fast, carrying me on their back!! ?

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