It’s Only April

It's Only April

It’s Only April

Just as the Springtime raises its head,
Draws back the curtain, and leaps out of bed,
An icy cool blast creeps up slyly behind her,
With a churlish grin, as a callous reminder.

“It’s only April, you know my cruel powers,
I’ll bring forth high winds & colder, sharp showers,
I’ll sprinkle some sun, blow some gentle warm breezes,
But my changeable nature may leave you with sneezes!

Resist the temptation to pack away woolies,
Those easterly winds can be treacherous bullies!
There maybe some prospects of hail, or worse, snow,
That’s the way of the seasons, we’re crafty, you know!”

2nd April 2019

We’ve been lucky to enjoy some fairly decent weather as Spring approached, & then arrived. But, as is often the way, the weather likes to throw us a curveball, just to remind us not to get too excited about a bit of sunshine. Yesterday was one of those days..I went on my usual walk, & it was a lot colder, and then hailed! I was very glad I’d put my warmer jacket on, even as the sun popped in & out of the clouds. Thankfully, the precipitation had moved, & was falling on the hills opposite to where I was standing, by the time I took this photo. After that, this morning’s snow wasn’t so much of a shock!

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5 thoughts on “It’s Only April”

  1. Peter's pondering says:

    We woke up to snow and it snowed again this afternoon.
    That photo is magnificent by the way!

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Ooh sounds like you had lots more snow than us. Hope that’s the last of it your end. Luckily, it didn’t settle here, but on our way to Ludlow this afternoon, we could see that the hill tops were white. It’s supposed to improve by the weekend, I believe. ?
      Glad you liked the photo, thank you, Peter. I love it when the clouds are dramatic. There’s often some lovely light over that scene too, especially as the sun is setting.

  2. Ivor Steven says:

    It’ll be spring time in New York when I arrrive on the 24th of April hopefully I’ll have plenty of sunshine by then and none of those
    “I’ll bring forth high winds & colder, sharp showers”
    And a lot more of April’s

    “I’ll sprinkle some sun, blow some gentle warm breezes,”

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Ooh I do hope so, Ivor! I know it can get pretty cold there, though luckily I’ve not experienced the worst of it! Packing will be the problem..what to take, & what to leave behind! ?

  3. wholelottarosie says:

    Oh….so wonderful…it looks like a fascinating and amazing place in the world.
    Greetings from the beautiful Rhine-Highlands / Germany….

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