Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not


Forget-me-not, when the light goes out,
Forget-me-not, when you’re full of doubt,
I’ll walk behind your shadowed path,
I’ll guide you through the aftermath.

Forget-me-not, when the skies are blue,
Forget-me-not, I’ll be close to you,
You maybe lost, but my heart’s still true,
I feel only love, when I think of you.

Forget-me-not, think of all we shared,
Forget-me-not, recall how we cared,
You were my soul mate; your hand, my glove,
I’ll watch you closely from my world above.

Forget-me-not, think of joyous laughter,
Forget-me-not, in my forever after,
For the years we spent and the miles we walked,
The tears we cried, whispered secrets talked.

Forget-me-not, in my lonely bed,
Forget-me-not, where you fear to tread.
Live a life of beauty, your future’s bright,
Forget-me-not, never dim your light.

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28th April 2019

Last week was my turn for opening & closing the church. Walking through the churchyard, I noticed the beautiful show of Forget-me-nots surrounding one of the graves…so pretty. I’m sure they must’ve been planted, as there were so many in one spot, even though there were small bunches elsewhere. Such simple, but beautiful tributes, that grow & flower every year..forget-me-not.

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6 thoughts on “Forget Me Not”

  1. Peter's pondering says:

    They grow like weeds in my garden, but I can live with that!

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Strangely, I know someone who has tried to grow them in their garden several times, but they don’t do well in their soil & won’t last. Such small blooms, but so pretty.

  2. mabelfrancis says:

    Amazing bright blue flowers and a lovely poem Debbie ??

  3. Sue W says:

    Such a beautiful choice for a cemetery.
    Having a few problems here with my blog and giving problems commenting. Fingers crossed for this one.

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Yes, I thought so too, Sue. ? No problems seeing your comment here, hope you’re sorted soon..technology sometimes..grrrrr!

  4. Sue W says:

    Blooming predictive text! Having not Giving!

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