Honeysuckle scented notes
Cast aromatic weaves,
I need to linger longer
In a place I’m loathed to leave.

Enticing, sweet aromas
Draw me closer to inhale,
And gaze on pinky, yellow blooms,
In pearly shades of pale.

Exotic perfumes gently waft,
On fragrant, Summer breeze,
Where mystic genies flee gold lamps,
With wishes, to appease.

Strolling down the winding lane,
With bouquets full of dreams,
And pockets laced with magic spells,
Intoxicating seams.

Flora sowed a potent garland,
Of fervent crowns, alluring.
Intense elixirs airborne, drift,
With perfumes long enduring.

15th July 2019

When I was a little girl, we had a Honeysuckle shrub in the garden. Gazing at the flower heads, I noticed they were like no others. They weren’t the simple type a child would draw, with a blob for the centre & petals all around. No. Even I knew their blooms looked exotic; the individual little genie lamps, circled into a shimmering crown, and they smelled exquisitely so, too. Later on, pre-teens, I’d choose Honeysuckle talcum powder from the Avon cosmetics brochure my Mom always had delivered.
Happily, our neighbour has a shrub in her garden, that grows profusely along our shared fence. But I love to see it, growing wild, entwined in the hedgerows, for all to enjoy. Whichever it is, you can’t mistake the sweet, heady scent Honeysuckle emits, especially as the sun is setting & dusk falls. I love to walk the country lanes to experience such a special time of the day…where I wrote this poem.

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38 thoughts on “Honeysuckle”

  1. Peter's pondering says:

    I see you have a guest with you today – Gloria Smell!

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Hahaha!! Indeed, Peter…why didn’t I think of that?! ?

  2. ivor20 says:

    I can imagine you strolling down the country Lanes amongst the all the wondrous bushes, a smiling to yourself….. I loved your colourful photos, and your line here, caught my imagination
    “In pearly shades of pale.” … absolutely exquisite, and I can see myself using the words in poem somewhere along the way xxx

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Thank you very kindly, Ivor, I’m glad you enjoyed reading & my photos. ?You’ve got me right, there..smiling to myself & being drawn to the gorgeous scents, wafting down the lanes. It’s worth going out walking a little later to get the full effects, although it’s been a bit too hot to go walking in the afternoon, lately, & supposedly even hotter tomorrow! Yikes! ? xx

      1. ivor20 says:

        Enjoy your walks, just make them shorter, rest more, drink more……

        1. Debbie Jones says:

          Thank you, Ivor..my usual walk is only about a mile and a half & usually as the sun is setting during the hot spells, so just perfect for walking ? x

          1. Debbie Jones says:

            Ahh that’s lovely, Ivor..yes, the imagery is wonderful, many thanks for posting! ? xx

  3. Hope says:

    Going back in years, my girlfriend had one, she lived next door to me. What a scent to smell. Back then I could smell.

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Yes, it’s a lovely scent happen upon, especially when you’re not expecting it. I’m sorry you’re not able to smell now, Hope. I had an Auntie who couldn’t smell, she had to be extra careful whilst cooking, so as not to burn anything. I’m not sure if she was able to taste things, as that usually goes hand in hand.

  4. Chatter Master says:

    This took me back to childhood. The minute I smell honeysuckle I am ten again!

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Smells are a strange thing, aren’t they, Colleen, especially as you can’t/don’t always see the source first. I’m like you, it’s straight back to my childhood, & later, to our first home as a married couple, where our neighbour had a huge shrub. The scent filled the air, as I’d eventually remember to go outside to get my washing in, once the children were in bed. Funnily enough, the one in our garden never flourished!

      1. Chatter Master says:

        It really is strange. Oddly, another smell that takes me to childhood is motorcycle exhaust! ? as children there was a family farm we went to every weekend where we all rode motorcycles in the fields. I’m 12 and in a sunny field everytime I smell it!

        1. Debbie Jones says:

          That is an unusual one, Colleen, but what fun times to be reminded of, when it happens! ? A few years ago, someone from Birmingham, where we used to live, wrote a whole book about the smells of the City..which included Cadbury’s chocolate, HP Sauce & a couple of bakeries, amongst many!

          1. Chatter Master says:

            I can’t help but love a person who wrote a book like that. They say smell is our strongest sense tied to memory. I believe it whole heartedly.

          2. Debbie Jones says:

            I think that is true, too Colleen. I’ve been searching for details of the book, hopefully, it’s not out of print!

          3. Chatter Master says:

            Ugh. I have come across many books I have wanted to read (via recommendations or mentions in other books) and find them to be out of print and very expensive when they are found.

          4. Debbie Jones says:

            Yes, me too, Colleen..CD’s too. I’m still searching for the book, but obviously not putting in the right words into the search, unfortunately. I’ll keep chugging on lol!

          5. Chatter Master says:

            Good luck! 😉

  5. Tish Farrell says:

    Nothing like its scent is there. Instant wafts of nostalgia. Lovely photos, Debbie.

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Yes, you’re right..the scent draws me in, every time I pass it in the hedgerows & I’m instantly transported. Glad you liked the photos, Tish, thank you for your kind comments.

  6. Invisibly Me says:

    I must admit, rather ignorantly, I never even knew what a honeysuckle shrub looked like. Do you ever get talc, body lotion or similar in this scent any more? Scent is a powerful thing with our memories & emotions.
    Your poem is sweet, just like honeysuckle!
    Caz xx

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Thank you so much for your kind reply, Caz. I think you can still get some Honeysuckle products, but I’m guessing they’re along the lines of Rose, Lavender, Lily Of The Valley, & maybe not as popular these days. I guess some large department stores will still carry stock, they used to where we used to live. Also some smaller/craft retailers or gift shops might make/sell their own soaps, essential oils etc. You are right about the power of smells & scent, they evoke so many memories, & it’s comforting when they are such a treat to our senses. At least the Honeysuckle will be around for a bit longer, as there are still plenty of buds waiting to open ? xx

  7. K Morris Poet says:

    I remember a friend of my grandfather, Mr Kelly having a Honeysuckle in his back garden. Both Mr Kelly and my grandfather where keen gardeners. I still remember a book called “Adam the Gardener” which was, if I remember correctly extracts from a column in the “Liverpool Echo” compiled into book form. Kevin

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      What a lovely memory, Kevin. I just had a look, and the book is still available! Looks like Adam also wrote & gave advice on gardening in the Sunday Express. He dates back to the 1940’s and was extremely popular. Many thanks for your comment, Kevin.

      1. K Morris Poet says:

        You are welcome for the comment, Debbie. And its great to know that the book is still available after all these years. I remember it being a paperback. Perhaps I am getting confused and it was, in fact the Express rather than The Echo. Your post took me back many years to my childhood. Best – Kevin

        1. Debbie Jones says:

          I guess it could’ve been printed in more than one newspaper, Kevin, especially as the articles were so popular. It’s lovely to hear that it’s stood the test of time, & enabled you to recall some childhood memories too, Kevin ?

          1. K Morris Poet says:

            Yes, its great that it has stood the test of time. And, as you say the articles may have appeared in several newspapers. All the best – Kevin

  8. SueW says:

    I haven’t a clue whether I have ever smelled honeysuckle but I really want to now! I shall look out for it now that I know what it looks like! ?

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Ooh I hope you find some Honeysuckle in your local hedgerows, Sue. Evening is definitely the best time to smell it, probably before you even see it..good luck, I love it! ?

      1. SueW says:

        Thank you I will take an evening stroll… if the rain stops! ?

  9. blindzanygirl says:

    I just found this Debbie, and wondered if on your walks you ever smelled wild roses. My grandparents had a farm, and down the lane there were beautiful pink wild roses with the most gorgeous scent. They have such a different kind of scent to ordinary garden roses, lovely though they are too. I also love the smell of honeysuckle. It is beautiful. Lavender too. We could create the most beautiful all smelly garden couldn’t we! Great for blind people. Oh, and I too love some strange smells like the smell of diesel, because I used to ride on the tractor at my grandparents’ farm, beside my Uncle. I remember the lovely warm cloth seat, warmed by the sun. Mind you, there were a few cow pats around as well lol

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Thank you so much for your lovely reply, Lorraine! Yes, there have been wild pink Roses in the hedgerows too, but probably not as many as the Honeysuckle. The scent didn’t seem as strong as the Honeysuckle, & didn’t seem to waft up my nose like it either. I had to get quite close to smell anything, and unfortunately, many were on hedgerows that are too high to reach. Yes, Lavender is another smell I like too, and Jasmine & Lemon scented Pelargoniums. I love that you can rub your fingers gently on the leaves & smell the wonderful lemon scent. We certainly could create a fantastic smelly & feely garden! I love the memory you have of riding on your Uncle’s tractor, conjured up by the smell of diesel. The cow pats don’t have quite the same appeal though haha! I do love cows though, they’re a bit like me..nosey lol!

  10. forresting365 says:

    This is lovely, Debbie! I share Your passion!!! Thank You and Cheers! 🙂

    1. debbiejonesalwaysamused says:

      Thank you so much, Katy! Yes, it’s a very intoxicating aroma & I’m always sad when it stops flowering..but there’s always next year! Thank you for your comment ? xx

      1. forresting365 says:

        My pleasure! And indeed. Such a happy time when everything is flowering again!!! ?

  11. JOY journal says:

    This is one of my favorite scents. When I was little, there was a hedge of it near the beach we frequently visited. We would walk down the lane and as soon as the hedge ended, we could see the ocean. To this day, honeysuckle makes me think of the beach. 🙂

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      What a wonderful memory & association to have, Nora, thank you for your comments. It’s surprising how many people have happy memories linked to Honeysuckle. It’s still in the hedges, locally, at the moment, but I think it’s coming to an end now. I can’t resist going over to the blooms to take in that scent, while it’s still blooming. ?

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