Spring Prologue

Life begins; so tiny.
Life begins; so small.
Life begins to push on through,
Till small soon turns to tall.


Winter; tired, and overworked,
Past time to slope off home,
Hauls wrinkled blankets way up high,
Drifts, weary, through the gloam.

Beneath the damp & dormancy,
Awakenings start to trickle,
Hidden deep from prying eyes,
Life’s expectations, fickle.

Shoots break through the soft, brown earth,
Twigs are filled with buds,
Fresh rain & sun hold tending hands,
To nourish Spring’s new studs.

Each mini package firmly wrapped,
Gifts brand new breaking dawns,
Unfurling, gently, in full view,
A brand new season spawns!

Exploding colours breach the grey,
Fires & hearts pulsating,
Creatures launching Cupid’s bow,
Where Juliet lies waiting.

Gone the musty scent of death,
Of vegetation crying,
Breathe new life, smell blossom, light,
Of happy Springtime wakening!

19th March 2019

After all the signs we have been seeing for the past few weeks, noticing new growth, every day, Spring has officially arrived today, March 20th, hurrah!

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2 thoughts on “Wakening”

  1. G.Edward Smith says:

    Yay spring. I miss winter already.

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Haha! It’ll be back all too soon! ?

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