My Happy Place

My Happy Place

I’m walking very slowly.
I want this day to last.
Not thinking of tomorrow.
Done thinking of the past.

For here in earthly paradise,
I’ve found my happy place.
To walk these lanes forever,
To savour every pace.

The warming sun rays stroke my face,
Blithe birdsongs fill the air,
Blue skies and cloud scapes, charge my eyes,
Wind tangles up my hair.

I’m mesmerised by light & shadows,
Blinking through the trees,
I’m dizzy from the perfect view
That brings me to my knees.

My breathless soul is energised,
My heavy head feels light,
I’m sure my spirit danced in dreams,
I know my all took flight.

20th March 2019

I doubt we could’ve had a better start to Spring, yesterday. It felt so good to be outdoors, the type of day that you don’t really want to end…

11 thoughts on “My Happy Place”

  1. mabelfrancis says:

    It sure looks beautiful… Your photographs are wonderful… Happy spring ?

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Thank you very much for those kind words, Mabel. We do feel so lucky living here, in the countryside, it’s a big change from the city, where we’d lived all our lives, until 16 months ago. Definitely the right decision, though! ?

      1. mabelfrancis says:

        So happy for you ?❤️

        1. Debbie Jones says:

          Thank you, Mabel, lovely of you to say so! ☺️

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Yes, what a day, it makes you feel so alive, & grateful for it! ☺️

  2. Tish Farrell says:

    So much joy here, Debbie, in your words and photos. Giving me the itch to defect over the border into Powys 🙂

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      I’m so glad I managed to convey that, Tish, it’s exactly how I felt, many, many thanks. Looks like we both live in beautiful parts of the country, how lucky we are. ☺️

  3. G.Edward Smith says:

    Your words and photographs bring me back to a simpler, happier, and more innocent time in my life and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your gift to the world. ? ?

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Goodness, Edward, thank you, you’re too kind. I’m very moved by your lovely comments. I think you you’ve summed up how I felt on that day, but I hadn’t realised myself, so thank you for that. ☺️

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