Lonesome Stone

Lonesome Stone

Pebbles hugging sandy beaches
Peaks embrace pearl sky
Upon wild moors, a lonesome stone
Is left alone to cry
As every raindrop tumbles clouds

To stroke, soft, greening hills
Beneath bright stars, a lonesome stone
Shivers; cold, from chills
Scattered wheat chaff, barren fields
Where East winds mourn and blow

On raven earth, a lonesome stone
Begins to gently glow
Through dense forests, silent bluebells
Ring forth lucent sun
Veiled in light, a lonesome stone

Knows Spring has just begun
And in the gloam of speckled shadows
Not a peep, nor sound
Prostrate lies a lonesome stone,
Hope stirs, all around

March 2024

4 thoughts on “Lonesome Stone”

  1. K Morris Poet says:

    Its good to see you back! Best wishes. Kevin

  2. Peter's pondering says:

    Always good to see you pop up in my reader Debbie. Spring always generates a hopeful feeling, and my, we do need it this year!

  3. SueW says:

    How lovely to see you again, Debbie, and especially with such a lovely springtime poem. 🙂

  4. SueW says:

    I just unsubscribed by mistake! Hopefully, I’ve rectified it!

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