Blackbird sat upon the post,
Blackbird, who do you love most?
Can you sing her your sweet song?
Will your sweetheart sing along?

Will you share your wriggly worms?
Will she sit & watch them squirm?
Preen with orange-yellow beak.
When your plumage needs a tweak.

Say you’ll help her feather nests
Guess she’ll tell you which one’s best!
Protect her with your jet black wings,
Love her for the joy she brings.

Build an empire for your young,
Teach them all the songs you sung.
Be the bestest bird dad yet,
Then fly for freedom,
To bird sunset.

11th March 2019

As I walked through our front door to go on my walk, yesterday, the Blackbird in my photo, was sitting on a post on the other side of the wall. I fully expected him to fly off, as soon as I moved, but happily, he sat for a few moments, while I got this phone shot. We have a pair of Blackbirds visit our garden & I love to watch them feed, from our kitchen window. Funnily enough, when the female turns up, the male immediately leaves the food to let her have her turn. I’ve never seen them feed together. Of course, it’s possible they have a nest close by, or may have soon!

6 thoughts on “Blackbird”

  1. Peter's pondering says:

    I love this time of year when all the birds thoughts, and songs, turn to family matters.

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Yes, many of them are certainly more vocal. The Rooks & Jackdaws in the village are hilarious! They jockey for position, alternating mainly, on three different trees. When they vacate, there’s a proper din, as they fill the sky, then they settle again & continue to canoodle, or try to become top bird at the highest spot on the tree..fascinating!

  2. mabelfrancis says:

    Love your poem and the picture?

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Thank you so much ? I really thought he’d fly away, just a lucky moment..this time! ?

  3. zumpoems says:

    Very musical poems. Love the name of the blog. Was looking for the WordPress button to automatically follow, but not popping up. Will try to visit again, though.

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Thank you very much for your kind comments, which are very much appreciated! ? The blog is self-hosted, so possibly why the WordPress button wasn’t where you’d usually find it. However, many thanks for alerting me to the fact, oh dear..others may have had the same problem. Anyway, there is one now, if you get the chance to visit again, it can be found just above the “About Me” section. Have a great weekend!

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