Maiden Of The Marches

Bitter, wild wind,
You claw at my face,
Your power so hungry,
Your calmness misplaced.

I thought I heard thunder,
Rage through the trees,
As gusts trespassed, racing,
With icy cold freeze.

The sky is a monster,
Of battles to come,
Thrust crystalline needles,
Extremities numb!

A snow blasting blizzard,
A skirmish of storms,
Hoping for change,
For the scene to transform.

Hey presto!
Our Maiden of The Marches appeared,
Everything inclement weather had feared.

She rose like a beacon,
Flung high her hands,
She must’ve said something
I don’t understand.

How it halted the moment,
I never will know,
But skies became blue,
Gone, the wind, no more snow!

10th March 2019

We had some crazy weather thrown at us today. It was probably forecast, but I hadn’t taken much notice, before setting off on my walk. It looked ok, just a bit windy. Goodness, it suddenly changed. Freezing, strong winds, blowing the snow so sharp in my face, it hurt, & I had to turn away & walk backwards! On the home straight, I paused at a usual viewpoint & watched, briefly. I became suddenly aware of a brightening from behind me, of the sun trying to breakthrough. The snow slowed, then stopped, & the skies turned blue. The two photos I took of the same view, looking back up the road, were taken at 15.55pm and 15.59pm..just four minutes difference. I’ve no idea if there is a Maiden of the Marches, but the change was so abrupt, it may as well have been her interference. A bit of imagination, & you may see her on the other photograph, in her white, puffy dress, arms outstretched…

2 thoughts on “Maiden Of The Marches”

  1. Peter's pondering says:

    Yes, I see the Maiden. She visited Derbyshire too today, we had a bit of everything!

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      She gets around a bit, that one! ? I’ve got relatives in Derby, Littleover, Mickleover & Nether Heage. I’ve spent many happy times there.

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