As I stroll through these lanes full of wonder,
The words all leak out, like a flood,
I don’t know if they’re passed through osmosis,
Or something that flows through my blood!

Some words run out, like a river,
Sometimes they trickle like springs,
Some days they fly like sweet birds in the sky,
Or are borne upon gossamer wings.

One time a bee buzzed some words in my ear!
Another day, cows seemed quite mooooved,
The sheep cocked their heads on one side, then turned tail,
I Don’t know if they really approved!

The trees bowed & swayed, their old branches in wind,
Not sure it was yes, or plain, no!
The snails, slugs & spiders,
(I’m happy to say,)
Just turned round, boldly, & told me to go!

Then, one gentle pull on my trouser leg, later,
A tiny mouse, coy, with big eyes,
Asked me a question which made me stand back,
With amazement & happy surprise.

“I heard you like words, and you’re giving them out,
Can I please ask which one I can lend?”
For a moment I paused, and looked down at the mite,
Shook his paw, smiled & handed him “Friend”

9th March 2019

As I was on my usual walk, yesterday, & writing “Granny’s Lemons” I was pondering how the words flow so easily sometimes, once you have an idea. Other poems I’ve written have to sit a while, until I’m ready to look at them again. That usually means the odd tweak will make them sit right & be ready to fly. Today, the words were flowing; some nearly took my head off, as a huge flock of starlings raced, low over my head, just where the road disappears on my photograph..the noise from their wings was thrilling!

7 thoughts on “Words”

  1. Peter's pondering says:

    I have scraps of poems all over the place and often, but not always, return to them to expand, finish off, or leave unfinished. Some just happen as I walk and you can tell by the tempo how fast, or slow, I was walking at the time!

    1. Debbie Jones says:

      Yes, it’s strange how some are finished quite quickly, & like you say, some stay unfinished. I hope to get to the unfinished ones..in the end. I’d never thought about pace having a bearing, but generally, I’m ambling about, or stopping to take photos. Very interesting how you find it alters the tempo of your writing though, I’ll have to take note next time…

      1. Peter's pondering says:

        Being an old soldier I tend to march everywhere but with over regular stops to admire the scenery, talk to animals, birds, fish, trees, and the odd human (some very odd!)

        1. Debbie Jones says:

          Ha! Yes, some humans are very odd..at least the birds, fish & trees talk sense! ? Ahh, marching is good, I do mean to walk faster, it’s the distractions fault..that’s my story anyway!

  2. G.Edward Smith says:

    I really like this one Debbie, paints a lovely picture. It must be wonderful and relaxing in your part of the world.

    1. G.Edward Smith says:

      Also, it’s like my mom always told me; it’s ok if the animals, trees, and clouds talk to you just don’t answer them because they might take you away?

      1. Debbie Jones says:

        Ooh I might be in grave danger, Edward..I usually talk to all of them first! Oh well, as I always say, there’s always one mad cow in the village, but not necessarily standing in a field! ? It is a beautiful part of Wales, Edward, we’re very lucky. We’ve only been here about 16 months, from the city, it’s like another world! Thank you, once again for your very kind words. ?

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